O. Box 190045 Anchorage AK 99519-0045 Tel 907 786-3311 Fax 907 786-3313 2800 Cottage Way W-2928 Sacramento CA 95825 Tel 916 414-6660 Fax 916 414-6715 PERMIT APPLICATION FORM INSTRUCTIONS The following instructions pertain to the form 3-200-2 that must be completed as an application for a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit. Cites. org/ 50 CFR 23 General Provisions 50 CFR 10 Wildlife Provisions Import/export/transport 50 CFR 14. Information requested in this form is purely voluntary. However...
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How's it going that better - heard that so we out here is this is a leading property owned by the tribal community this is a BLM number drought this is a sub marginal this is a reservation this is deeded property in the state market right and they've got me pretty well detained here on this open public road okay how's it going guys awesome Hawkins please okay Chavez Peck nice to meet you don't think we're ready yeah I guess my question is jurisdiction okay the authority to stop and detain me I mean it's a county road that goes through this I feel like my civil rights are being violated what I'm understanding this has been a non going thing for a couple of years it should have been resolved but now apparently and I still have the same problem we're still happy today my question for everybody yours what can we do let's get him out of here we all go home we all sit down somewhere tomorrow the next arrow Kerwin but let's get out when we sit down okay they said that on each time they had told told the tribe that they were going to resolve this issue the issue is going to be resolved but it's not on on that resolution that specifically states that that working together that they would they would notify us request permission to come to cross all tribal land all right aways that's what the resolution says it doesn't say whether it's BLM trust land or what it just says all rights away what's standing that's what this is or what standing this tribal law outside of the reservation was points into saluting how do it how is that even fouling out here where we stand right here isn't first answer was are you going to enforce it I was in this dance ball I'm enforcing tribal law if tribal law is unconstitutional or do you think that account we decided my room that had to be that signed by someone else I will I will say that through the state we have reached out to travel efficient being on several occasions with a Memorandum of Understanding which was rejected a sighting project which was did not receive them we several things have occurred getting I mean it takes two to tango I would say we requested three meetings and we a lot and on the last one the chairman of the tribal president your supervisor flowers was there as everything is discussed in all those long issues I didn't miss but this was one of the ones I was done you know there's no nobody in my agency would ever agree to restrict our travel down an open county road within the state of our town I don't know that the council did it I wasn't on the councilor stand but the council has no authority where we stand there you old you own private data property no disputing that this is the tribals dated property your idea in the state of Montana falls under state jurisdiction to pinion like this the council is not a different one so some marginal some marginal is a different designation has to be considered reservation no one's disputing hello that's where we spend often and I offered him a and margin returns...